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  The "APPLE" Team Approach

Educator Resources is the premier employee benefits provider for Christian churches and schools in the US. We help thousands of administrators protect their staffs with discounted and specially designed employee benefits programs:

  Educator Resources Team Leaders and home office support teams have the knowledge, skills and resources to act on your behalf when "issues" arise with Insurance Carriers. We work in concert with your administrator / bookkeeper.
    Plan Design  
  Experts in each line of employee benefits (ie: your new "HR Team") analyze your current portfolio and then design a comprehensive employee benefits package to attract and retain quality teachers.
    Program Management
  Once a benefits program is in place, our home office experts work with your administrators to manage the day-to-day maintenance of the program. Our goal is to significantly reduce your administrative time spent on benefit maintenance.
    Legal / Legislative Support
  Educator Resources staff attorneys, underwriters and analysts keep your administrator aware of legal and legislative events that affect benefit programs.
  Above all, Educator Resources acts as a tool to educate you about your employee benefits options through both our home office staff and your local team leader.

We are here to help you provide "apples" for your teachers with the following benefits:

  • Major Medical
  • Student Accident Plans
  • Cancer & Intensive Care
  • Group Life (Survivor Support)
  • Group Dental
  • Student & Missionary Travel Medical
  • Group Disability
  • Long Term Care
  • IRS Section 125 Plans