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  Group Life Insurance and AD&D Coverage
  Group Life Insurance

Commonly referred to as essential insurance, group life insurance is one of the most common employer provided benefits in America.

However, outside of the workplace, life insurance is not nearly as common, especially with younger people and those just starting families.

Without life insurance, everything an individual has worked for can be jeopardized by his or her death. A family's home, dreams of college for children, a spouse lifestyle - all can be threatened without an adequate financial plan funded by life insurance.

In today's marketplace, cost is the determining factor pertaining to group life insurance.

In addition to low cost, we are proud to offer cutting edge benefits not often seen with group life insurance.

  Accidental Death and Dismemberment
  AD&D provides additional protection for your employees in the event of accidental bodily injury resulting in death or dismemberment.

Benefits from an accidental death are paid to the emplyee's benficiary. Benefits resulting from a dismembering injury are paid directly to the employee.

  Emotional & Financial Guidance
  When an employee passes away, many family members and friends are affected. Fortunately, we can turn to our church for guidance and emotional support.

Wouldn't it be nice to also offer the services ofa trained tax and financial counselor to help survivors cope with their financial affairs.

Upon the passing of an employee and at the survivor's request, this service provides a one-on-one financial counselling session and a personalized plan for the family's financial affairs (the service is designed to coordinate, but not replace, the efforts of the family's attorney, accountant, or broker). A counselor will personally visit the survivors of your employee and help them prepare a plan that ensures financial security.

Because our Group Life and AD&D plans are both Innovative and Economical, this is coverage virtually any employer can provide!