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  Long Term Care

The risk for generating a bill for long-term care is 1 in 2 and the bill can often be $30,000-$50,000.00 without insurance. This is the most vulnerable portion of retirement planning.

Learn about the facts:

Medical insurance does not cover long term care needs. Disability insurance only replaces income. Medicare pays up to the first 20 days of long term care if there is a prior hospitalization of three days. Medicaid helps us after we have used up all of our personal resources.

  • LTC is health qualifying and you need to apply when you are healthy.

  • There are group discounts for Non-Profit Associations like churches and schools.

  • We have a staff of Long Term Care Insurance Specialists to assist your representative in fulfilling your needs.

  • 40% of people receiving some type of long term care, either at home or in a facility, are under the age of 65

  • Today’s average cost of long term care in the US is $30,000 to $50,000 and that figure is expected to double, perhaps triple, in the next 20-30 years.

Long Term Care Coverage is starting to become a very popular Employee Benefit with Christian Schools and Churches.

We are seeing an increasing number of schools asking for this type of benefit to reward the longevity of teachers and administrators. Here is a letter from a local school expressing their concerns below:


Dr. Sandra Gustafson,
Long Term Care Specialist
Educator Resources
600 Embassy Row, Suite 115
Atlanta, GA 30328

Dear Dr. Gustafson:

Please express our appreciation to your firm for having the burden and patience to educate Christian schools about the need for Long Term Care (LTC) insurance. Your leadership to hold LTC seminars at our school as well as all over the country is helping schools to learn how they can provide for this often neglected yet very necessary protection.

Our Ministry gained these benefits from proving LTC insurance:

  1. Helps compensate for salaries that are not as high as we desire to provide
  2. Build employee longevity and loyalty
  3. Help build and maintain quality employees
  4. Retained quality employees have better spiritual ministry to students and families
  5. Provide for employee needs now and in the future

Our Pastor, through many counseling and ministry opportunities with the seriously ill and dying, saw a need for us to have Long Term Care insurance in addition to our existing benefits. We were convinced all of our staff needed LTC. Even young adults are often disabled by accidents and illnesses requiring extremely expensive specialized care.

We decided to provide LTC policies at no cost to all employees who had been with us seven years or more. This would encourage them to stay with us at least ten more years. Our base policy included compound inflation, five-year benefit period, 10 years of premiums, and $100/day. The employees could upgrade this policy at their own expense if they desired and were able. Our average cost per person per year was $1415, which was kept that low by utilizing more than one carrier.

When we announced our new LTC benefit, our staff was extremely thankful, some with tears. They knew we really cared for them, thus helping them to do even better work in the ministry. All at Killian Hill thank you for informing us of our need for LTC insurance.

Serving the Lord Christ,

Bob Spare
Business Manager
Killian Hill Christian School


Educator Resources’ Long Term Care Division, known as LTCcompass, is available to you and your ministries to further your education on long term care issues and to help you with your decision making process. Group discounts are available not only to your staff but also may be offered to your entire church membership and their family members! Through the strength of your numbers, you can make long term care insurance available at a discount to every member of your church or school whose health can qualify for acceptance.

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