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  Long-Term & Short-Term Disability Coverage
The need for disability insurance can be summed up simply,
"Anyone can become sick or injured."
  Long-Term Disability

Long-term disability coverage is one of the most cost-effective ways to provide for the human and financial expense that occurrs when an employee suffers a lengthy disability. Consider the Social Security Administration study which stated that 19% of male insured workers and 15.3% of female insured workers who attained age 20 in 1986 will be unable to work for a certain period of time before they reach age 60. What type of plan does your school / ministry have in place when an employee is disabled for more than 90 days?

  Short-Term Disability
  Short-term disability coverage provides peace of mind because when an employee suffers a disability, often the loss of a paycheck can be equally debilitating. Generally, an employee is able to use vacation or sick leave to cover a short disability; however, many times short-term disability coverage is the only financial security that can prevent depletion of savings during a temporary time of need.

Disability coverage is one of the most cost-effective benefits an employer can offer.

With the impact of the "baby boom," more and more people are entering the marketplace, redefining the types of disability claims. The incidents of pregnancy-related short-term and long-term disabilities are increasing. The five most frequent types of claims, regardless of gender, are listed to the right.

  Advantages of Association Membership
  Because of the collective efforts of your association and Educator Resources, employees are now eligible for a disability program underwritten by America's largest provider of disability insurance at a specially discounted rate, which is only available through your association.