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  Comprehensive Major Medical Coverage

Debates about health insurance rank high among the concerns of all Americans. After all, major medical health insurance is continually the most requested and sought-after employee benefit.

With health insurance positioned solidly as the cornerstone of any comprehensive employee benefit package, where does one start? Frequently, employers find that without professional guidance and resources, selecting an improved major medical program can seem like an overwhelming task.

Yet, in light of the consistently changing laws applicable to health insurance, major medical is the first benefit that should be reviewed on a regular basis. Heading in the right direction today can be more confusing than ever!
HIPAA - Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (1996)
COBRA - Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act (1986)
MSA - Medical Savings Accounts
HMO - Health Maintenance Organizations
PPO - Preferred Provider Organizations
  Where to Start?

Cost does not always have to be an overriding issue in today's environment of increased cost-sharing, managed-care, and qualified high-deductible health plans.

Analyzing needs vs. demograghics of your employees

It is crucial to determine the specific needs of your employees when designing a major medical plan. Is there a high percentage of employees who are covered under their spouse's plan? Is the overall composition of your employees primarily young? Male vs. female? Will visiting specialists within the provider network require extensive travel by your employees? Does cost justify comprehensive major medical coverage or would a qualified high-deductible plan, which covers catastrophic care, meet the needs of your employees?

Avoiding common pitfalls in the major medical decision-making process

Cost is most often cited as the number one factor when selecting employer-sponsored health insurance. However, the hidden costs associated with major medical coverage are often overlooked.

Waiting periods, co-pays, deductibles, rate increases, choice of treatment options, provider networks, and most importantly, customer service and claims reputation are all hidden costs that must be carefully considered.

  We can help!
  Continual review and refinement of your existing employee benefit package is a sensible way to protect your employees.