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  Who We Are

It may take only one teacher to change the life of a student...but it takes an entire school of teachers, pastors and families working together to provide the future and moral direction in which our children will prosper.

It is this type of teamwork that Educator Resources believes in when providing insurance benefits to protect the lifestyle and future of our families. When our local “Team Leaders” meet with your administrator, they are backed by 5 national experts in a variety of insurance and employee benefits specialties. In this way, you have face-to-face representation as well as experts available by phone who are familiar with your school and the special benefits you provide to your teachers and staff. With the support of our parent company (World Insurance Association, Inc., which operates in all 50 US states), we have the added ability to support private schools with specially discounted national programs. Our legal counsel routinely works with associations around the country to show leading insurance carriers the value of teamwork when private schools come together to purchase benefits as a group. Its a win-win situation.

  How We Operate
  Dedicated to the “principles and principals” of private education, Educator Resources has assigned an entire division of resources and personnel (including an accountant, attorneys, employee benefit specialists, and dozens of highly skilled and trained field associates) to support schools across the United States. This concept of maximum support with multiple experts is what we call our Fortune 500 approach. This approach is also what helps set us apart from local insurance agencies that do not have the resources to provide a team of individuals, each of whom is skilled in specific areas of insurance and employee benefit programs, and the credibility of association-approved programs.
  How We Assist Individual Schools
  To “Serve those who serve our most valuable resource - Our Children,” we begin at the individual school level. By providing benefits that have been selected from the best products available and pre-screened by national associations, we are able to do our part to further private education. In addition to financial sponsorship at state conventions, Educator Resources is capable of conducting seminars to educate pastors, principals or administrators on a wide variety of insurance and legal issues.
  Service Beyond The Benefits
  Determining which benefits best meet the current needs of a school is only the first step our TEAMWORK relationship provides. All benefits that are offered through Educator Resources are hand picked for exceptional value and necessity, as well as for customer support. This concept is called the “Best Provider” approach. When we analyze what benefits are best for an individual school, we look at the following:
  • Financial Ratings
  • Discounts Applied To Your Association
  • Customer Service
  • Administrative Requirements
  • Product Packaging
  • Reputation
  • Underwriter Support and Other Similar Criteria
  • Underwriting Rules