“Wash your hands!” “Wash your hands!” “Wash your hands!”  

This is not a new phrase for teachers and educators. However, in today’s world, it’s a needed reminder for everyone.

Germs are what have caused the world to move to isolation. Social distancing so we don’t share and spread germs is a worldwide mandate. But because the world is actively trying to stay away from germs, it has inadvertently kept you and your donors at a distance. 

With most of the world’s schools having to cancel end of the year events, even graduation, it has put a strain on the financial aspect as well. Not having physical contact and in-person interactions with teachers, board members, students, and parents limits your ability to share your school’s needs. 

This is where “Germ Free Fundraising” comes into the picture. With an online giving platform, you are able to easily share the needs of your school to your community while maintaining social distance. It’s as easy as creating an online campaign.  Then spread the word!  

  1. Email the link out to your school’s mailing list with an short video 
  2. Share the link across social media platforms and ask your students, faculty, and staff to do the same. 

That’s it!  So simple and without the risk of spreading germs!  

If you do not have an online giving platform that allows you to create campaigns in order to share your school’s story and needs, The Givedot Program would love to share our platform with you.  Contact us today to set up a 30min online demo!  

Let’s work together to keep the donations rolling in, even in the midst of social isolation!