Employee Benefits

The Employee Benefits Equation

The success of your students’ futures directly depends on your school’s ability to grow and thrive.

So how important are employee benefits? Simply stated: VERY!

We specialize in helping you put together a package of employee benefits no matter how big or small, on any budget at all levels of staff.  Great options exist for part-time and volunteers for schools looking to provide great benefits.

Many schools struggle to offer major medical insurance and will often define benefits as “medical only”.  When designing a benefits package for teachers and staff, think of the words “perks” or “fringe benefits”.  There are many low-cost benefits that can bring big recognition for schools looking to design the best they can.

Most employers know that benefit packages help attract and retain key employees.  Smart employers know that a great benefits package demonstrates that the school is not only investing in the employees’ overall health, but their FUTURE too.  Messaging is a key service we help provide to private schools across the country.

Smart benefit packages start with the budget planning process and quickly move towards messaging.  Whether it’s one-on-one sessions, group video meetings, or that special call to help with a claim or planning question, Educator Resources knows how to work with teachers and staff to create a successful plan.

It seems simple… but the best answer is when the time is right.  Benefits can be implemented in all 12 months of the calendar year when a school administration wants to send a message to the staff.  In fact, promoting different benefits throughout the year helps prevent a lackluster “open enrollment”.

Benefits 101 is a simple thought-provoking overview to help you think differently about how your school might implement an employee benefits plan.  Take a look at each of the common benefits a school might implement during their benefits strategy session with our team leaders.