How Many Clicks Does It Take….To Donate?

Have you tried navigating a website, searching for your intended goal only to be slowed by disorganized pages or distracting content? Have you even been frustrated or given up on a website because you could not find what you were originally looking for?

When fundraising, you don’t want to frustrate your donors. Simplifying a process when asking for support is one of the many ways to keep supporters happy. Burying your call-to-action might diminish your gain. There is an old adage that the Three-Click Rule is the best way to design a website. Studies have shown that is not entirely accurate but you do want to help aim your visitor’s focus and reduce distraction.

We have seen confusing or poorly labeled websites and landing pages that meander or distract focus from giving pages. Our goal in developing The Givedot Program was to simplify the donation process and alleviate unnecessary fees, helping to open the path to contribution.

Your Givedot school website guides your sponsors accurately into your campaign. Your homepage can list all current campaigns or sub-categories with each visitor being one or two clicks away from giving. Personalized links to campaigns means you can specify goals to your target audience, that way your supporters can donate to the cause that matters to them.

If you need assistance setting up your administrator’s portal, allow us to walk you through the process.

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