Success Stories: The Benefits of Additional Coverage

Did you know that the Student Accident Program can complement the medical coverage a student may already have?

Case Study Brief

A Student Accident client had a football student who was injured during practice. His forearm break needed immediate attention.

Some of the medical expenses incurred were:

  • Emergency room visit
  • X-rays
  • Forearm Cast
  • Follow-up visits

Even though the parents had major medical for the student, it was a limited medical plan with a high deductible and co-pays. With nothing being paid towards the deductible that year, there was just under $10,000 in out of pocket expenses for the family. As with every sports injury or any injury on school grounds, schools must be ready to spot potential liability on the school’s part. Were the students properly supervised?  Was the equipment in good repair?  Often times Parents look to the school to help with these out of pocket bills.

In this case….A happy parent equals a happy school Administrator!

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