The Impact of Micro-Fundraising

The use of micro-fundraisers can be a great way to expand your donor base and garner support from your community for things that they care about. It’s also a way to tell your small stories throughout the year rather than just one big story.  

There is also a bigger sense of accomplishment with micro-fundraising.  Think about it…. If our goal is $50,000 it may take months to reach that goal.  However, if you are able to break that down into 10 smaller micro-fundraising of $5,000 each, it will be a positive reinforcement every time one of them reaches the “Fully Funded” mark! 

Accomplishing these smaller goals also allows you to show your donors the results of their donations quicker which has a great potential to retain donor involvement and spark them to donate again to other micro-fundraisers you have active. 

Micro-fundraising also allows you to have a larger impact on social media.  You have the ability to highlight different micro-campaigns at different times throughout the week, month, and year.  This helps to draw further attention to your posts because it’s not the same photo or information time after time.

If you are having trouble thinking of different micro-fundraiser ideas, allow us to help start the brainstorming! 

  • Paint for a specific building, room, or hallway
  • Divide a large project down into smaller percentages:
    • 10% from the Preschool
    • 40% from the Lower/Middle School
    • 50% from the Upper School
  • New uniforms for a sports team
  • New equipment for the gym
  • Funding for the spring play at the school
  • New books for the library
  • Expansion for a particular building

Don’t let the small size of a project dissuade you from presenting the need and story to your community! If you do not have a platform that allows you to set up micro-fundraising campaigns, we’d love to show you The Givedot Program.