Why is This Coverage Needed and Who Pays For it?

The Student Accident Program is designed for schools, parents, and students. All three benefit from this essential coverage by offering protection against costs associated with accidents. Whether you have coverage or not, there is a cost to pay.

Let’s look at the value of this program by first looking at the need:

Accidents occur at school and always have. There are risks everywhere. From playgrounds, sporting events on athletic fields, indoor games, cheerleading and gymnastics, science labs, field trips, or basic trips and falls; the potential for an injury is unavoidable. 

Accidents come in all sizes, as do their medical costs. There may be an ambulance charge, a doctor’s fee, attending physician’s fee, emergency room fees, medication expenses, and follow up visits. Proper medical care NEEDS to be addressed and the medical bills NEED to be paid as well.

Who would or should pay for these expenses? 

Without a proper program in place, a parent may often be on their own to pay for medical expenses. There might be family coverage for the injury but even so, high deductibles and copays can still leave a family with a large out-of-pocket expense. The parents may look to the school to reclaim those costs if there was negligence that lead to the accident, sometimes in the form of a lawsuit.

A school may take on the burden of paying for those medical expenses but at a loss to their school budget. Funds that could have been used for salaries, field trips, school supplies, and many more necessary essentials; sometimes even impacting the following school year’s budget.

There SHOULD be an easy solution for all of this…and there is! 

The Student Accident Program provides for eligible medical costs due to accidents. It can help cover the costs of deductibles and copays as well as other out-of-pocket costs on a major medical plan, or pay as a primary plan when no other coverage is in place. 

As a part of school tuition, this minimal rate covers the student for the entire school year, including summer sessions. The school budget is not impacted. The parents feel secure knowing that this additional value is provided by the academy. 

Let The Student Accident Program pay for eligible medical costs associated with accidents, not your school’s budget. 

Contact us for a copy of the coverage, to compare your current plan, or to talk further with one of our team members about any of our other student, employee, or school benefits.